Our Culture

Our people set us apart. We believe our exceptional people set us apart. Together, we bring our collective knowledge and experience to each of our projects, bringing out the best of everyone on our team and on the job.

A genuine
work ethic

We work hard, with a genuine work ethic among our employees. We turn every job inside out looking for ways to navigate any obstacle that may stand in the way.

We aim for the highest quality standards

After six decades in the construction industry, our team consistently focuses on the highest quality standards.

We know how to align our resources

We believe in appropriately aligning our resources through our planning process to ensure that every project is optimized for success.

Safety at every level

We have a culture that insists on a safety-focused approach at every level, with both management and employees jointly responsible for injury prevention and creating a safe work environment.

Our Core Values


We collaborate to achieve common goals
Focusing on doing what’s best for the company

We collaborate to leverage different talents
Building upon each other for strength and success

We collaborate to build trust in each other
Listening fully, participating openly and sharing our ideas respectfully​

Do the Right Thing

We do the right thing for the company
Making our processes safer, more cost effective and efficient

We do the right thing for our clients
Delivering excellence in everything we do

We do the right thing for our co-workers
Treating each other with respect​​

Balanced Life

We value a balanced life with our families
Committing to wellbeing at work and at home

We value a balanced life within our teams
Recognizing and rewarding each other’s contributions

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