Our manufacturing facilities are strategically located in Baltimore, Cincinnati, Dallas and Orlando to service the needs of our regional offices by managing quality in a controlled environment and minimizing shipping distances to the projects we supply.

Our Manufacturing Process

There are three primary steps to our curtain wall manufacturing process:


Fabrication includes cutting, machining, drilling and notching stock length aluminum extrusions based on each project’s custom engineered drawings. We offer fabrication services at three of our facilities.


During Assemble/Glaze, we combine the fabricated extrusions, glass, gaskets and sealant into curtain wall units that can be hung directly on the building, saving installation time at the job site. We offer assemble/glass services at all four of our facilities.


Completed units are placed in bunks for shipping, typically 4 units per bunk. The bunks are stored at our facility until needed in the field. We match the shipping sequence with the installation schedule to limit the required staging area at the jobsite.

Culture of Continuous Improvement

Harmon focuses on safety, quality, delivery and productivity through its Lean and Continuous Improvement initiatives. We have a dedicated team that works across our organization to continually improve our processes, leading to even higher levels of performance.

Benefits of Unitized Curtain Wall

Unitized curtain wall offers some significant benefits over stick or field-glazed façades.

  • Assembled and glazed in a controlled shop environment
  • Excellent quality control
  • Superior performance for air and water infiltration, building movements, loading and thermal requirements
  • Minimal field sealing, saving installation time
  • Improved installation schedule vs. stick, field glazed